Hedges Fortis Limited

HEDGES FORTIS CONSULT is an arm of Hedges Fortis Limited, a private Chemical Laboratory and Environmental Consultancy firm managed by a Chartered Chemist and Certified Public Analyst, registered in Nigeria to offer services to Individuals, Corporate Organization, Manufacturers and Government functionaries among others in the Industrial, Analytical And Environmental field.

For Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical testing, Food testing, Materials, Physical, Raw Material Analysis ,Enironmental Management Studies & Monitoring Services and also Investment Opportunities in Nigeria click, CONSULTANCY!

Fortis Media Network

FORTIS RADIO, an Internet Broadcasting Service of Fortis Media Network and FortisTV is a digital satellite Direct-To-Home TV station in the Free-To-Air African market, an arm of Hedges Fortis Lmited. We do public community radio and TV programs focusing on arts and culture as a way of promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Nigerian people. It is intended to be an international musical archive for Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora playing Afro-beat Fuji Gospel Highlife Juju and Makossa music 24/7.

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